ENLITE Outreach Service

An ENLITE volunteer delivers books to an elderly library patron seated in a wheelchair inside her apartment.

The Newton Public Library ENLITE outreach service connects older adults in Newton and North Newton with monthly deliveries of books and audiobooks.

Our extensive large print collection is a key part of the project, offering a wide variety of books, including Westerns, romance, mysteries, Christian fiction, general fiction, animal stories, bestsellers and biographies.

Anyone who lives in one of the following communities is eligible for ENLITE delivery: Asbury Park, Kansas Christian Home, Kidron Bethel, Midtown Towers, Newton Plaza Apartments, Presbyterian Manor, Wheatland Homes, ComfortCare Homes.

Home delivery is available to individuals aged 60 or older who live in Newton or North Newton and have difficulty reaching the library from their residence.

Books are selected for each visit by library staff members, who match them with the participants’ interests.

Interested? Call Newton Public Library, 316-283-2890, or email ENLITE coordinator Kristin Kliewer, kkliewer@newtonplks.org.