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Cemeteries and Undertakers in the Remington School District

March 21, 2023

Join Darryl Claassen for a local history presentation.

Darryl again focuses on the area identified as Remington Schools, USD 206, for an interesting, yet seldom considered, topic. He has researched an important segment of community infrastructure, that of the undertaker. By observing the advertisements in local newspapers, a fascinating history of that business develops. Of the area towns of Brainerd, Elbing, Furley, Potwin, and Whitewater, only Brainerd, Potwin, and Whitewater could boast the services of an undertaker. The entire area was well served by the gentlemen who chose to undertake the logistics of that particular time of life indicated by death and burial.

The other part of the presentation discusses the various cemeteries within that same area. From the larger city and township maintained cemeteries to the small family based cemeteries, interesting and curious stories unfold. This is neither a presentation of who is buried where, nor an emotional reliving of grief, nor a telling of ghost stories. It is rather one that recognizes the history, folklore, and seasonal beauty of the cemeteries.

This is a hybrid program. Attend in person at the library; register to attend remotely via Zoom; or head to the Newton Public Library Facebook page at the time of the event for a livestream.

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