The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

The Lorax
Dr. Suess wrote Lorax in the 1970s as a response to the rapid deforestation of American and global forest. It also was meant as a child’s version of the industrializing world of the 1970s. The Lorax has to be my favorite Dr. Suess story because of the symbolism and message it sends. It is also one of the most controversial Dr. Suess books he’s ever written. In 1980 something there was a huge lawsuit from logging companies, and it pushed them to sponsor a logging friendly childrens story. That has to be my favorite thing about the book, it just demonstrates how far companies are willing to go to keep there reputation and corrupt children. By far the Lorax is my favorite character because he is the only figure watching out for the well being of the wood and animals. As his name states, he repeatly asks for the Once-ler to lower the ax. He stands up for what he believes in even though he is standing alone. The Lorax is a courageous but failing hero of the story. The Lorax has to be my favorite book because of the characters, the message and the lawsuit aimed at it.

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