Why I Love My Library – by Barbara

barbarabuntingBack in the Ice Ages, when I was little,  “Story Hour” was my stay-at-home, non-driving mom reading to me our personal copy of the Golden Book Encyclopedia . Today, I  still read to my grandchildren, but my Newton Public Library offers me such diverse resources!  
StoryTime is a great way to introduce children to an educational experience that is social and age-appropriate. My grandchildren will listen to the stories, watch the puppet shows, play musical instruments, participate in crafts and memorize the movement exercises, but that’s just the beginning. Finn can’t wait to choose his DVD’s. Those lessons include discriminating choice, compromising with his sister June, and learning the numerical reality of only FIVE choices. Then he moves over to the educational games on the desktop computers. June’s interests are far different! Her book choices often include female heroes and emotional stories. She prefers to create her own imaginary world with sturdy toys. Like her brother John, who needs cardboard books and physical play, she can learn in the safe environment. There is no easier way to babysit than to spend a morning in the Children’s Department!
Yet I frequent the NPL for myself more often. As an English Major in college, I love to read. Why is it, then, that I procrastinate? For the last several years, I have become an addict, an addict to audio books. I have a book going in my car CONSTANTLY, whether I am driving down my driveway to the mailbox or on a road trip to Chicago. If you see my car idling in Dillon’s parking lot, it might just be because I can’t quite push the pause button on my CD. It’s not a choice, I become immersed as soon as ignition key is turned.  Unlike a Playaway, which needs to be turned on and ear buds adjusted in ADDITION to starting my car, a car’s audio takes me away!
So, how do I choose?  I love to read Classics so I am frequently requesting inter-library loan. I am always amazed how those traditional novels are so much better than many of our present-day best sellers, especially as I read them as an adult and not a high school/college student. I try to intersperse genres. In fact, I’ve even alternated two books at the same time, interchanging CD’s. One of the most interesting experiences was hearing Dick Morris talk about the Clintons and then Bill Clinton talk about himself. Talk about bipolar!
Book discussions. Special summer children’s programs. Newspaper browsing. People watching. Catching up with my favorite media center staff. I could go on and on about the options at our local gem — Newton Public Library. 
What about you?