Start your family research at NPL

Maybe you want to trace a portrait, or get more information about the names in an old family Bible. Or maybe you simply want to learn more about your roots so that you can pass that knowledge on to future generations.

Whatever motivates you, it has never been easier to start researching genealogy. Mary Hursey of the Wichita Genealogical Society will explain the who, where, when and how in “Beginning Your Family History Research,” 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 18, at Newton Public Library.

Hursey will explain how genealogical research works, and review the most commonly-consulted types of genealogical records, including census records and vital records.

She will also highlight research tools available through the library, including the Library Edition and other digital and microfilm resources.

Hursey’s program is part of NPL’s monthly series of Third Tuesday genealogy and local history events.

“The library hosts an active, supportive community of researchers who are happy to help newcomers achieve their family research goals, whether those goals are modest or ambitious,” said Sam Jack, public relations and special services supervisor at NPL. “This program is a perfect starting point for anyone curious about genealogy.”

The event is free, with no registration required, but please join the Facebook event page and invite your friends.