Youth Summer Rewind: Special Guest Programs!

Newton Public Library’s Youth Summer Library Program featured some awesome guest performers who joined us virtually! If you missed the premieres of these programs in June and July, never fear: Thanks to the magic of technology, you can watch whenever you want!

Jason D'Vaude juggles flaming torches while balanced on a four-foot-tall unicycle.

The Circus Man, Jason D’Vaude

Jason’s comedic juggling, fire, and balancing acts include precarious stunts, sharp objects – and a dash of danger! Want to learn more about Jason and what it takes to be a circus performer? Watch a Q&A video.

A Science Teller wears a white lab coat and white wig while standing in front of a cartoon laboratory backdrop. He holds a vial, ready to start an experiment.

The Science Tellers in “Dragons: Return of the Ice Sorceress”

Long, long ago, two kids go on a daring adventure to find a dragon and save the kingdom from the Ice Sorceress! When things don’t go as planned, however, they must turn to themselves (and to science!) for the answer. A fun fantasy adventure with dry ice effects!

A wizard in a sparkly purple hat holds up a laboratory beaker. The image includes the words "Amazing Alchemy: Newton Public Library."

Exploration Place presents “Amazing Alchemy”

Transport into the magical world of Exploration Place’s Where Kids Rule castle. Meet a wondrous wizard, experience his enchanting experiments, hear an amazing story, and launch catapults!

Youth performer Aaron Fowler makes a goofy face while playing the guitar.

Everyone Has a Story: NPL Presents Mr. Aaron!

Mr. Aaron believes that everyone has a story to tell, and he likes to tell his stories with songs and music. Learn how to use your imagination to make up your own stories!