Library to end Hoopla service on Dec. 31

After much thought and deliberation, Newton Public Library has decided to end the Hoopla digital borrowing service, effective Friday, Dec. 31.

This decision was based on the staff’s judgment that Hoopla is no longer the most cost-effective way to meet patrons’ demand for e-books, e-audiobooks and other digital content. 

The library spent similar amounts on Hoopla and Sunflower eLibrary during 2021, but Hoopla has about one-third the total circulation of Sunflower eLibrary. This means the cost per usage is substantially higher for Hoopla. 

By focusing digital spending on the Sunflower eLibrary and its mobile app, Libby, the library can diversify the digital titles it purchases, including additional e-audiobooks and more copies of bestsellers. (Newton patrons receive access to media purchased by other Kansas libraries in the Sunflower consortium, while jumping to the head of the line when borrowing popular e-books and e-audiobooks purchased by Newton Public Library.) 

Focusing on Sunflower eLibrary also allows Newton Public Library to purchase titles that meet local demand or fulfill specific requests. Hoopla, by contrast, controls what titles are available through its service. 

“I know that we have many dedicated Hoopla users who will be sad when the service ends,” said Dr. Cari Cusick, library director. “I hope that they will give the Sunflower eLibrary a try.” 

Access the eLibrary via, or use the Libby smartphone and tablet app. You can log in using your library card number and 4-digit PIN. Library staff are happy to help you install Libby and get started with digital borrowing.

A woman reads an e-ink tablet.