Guest Review: “The Edge of the Sky”

The Edge of the Sky

Steve Richards Reviews The Edge of the Sky: All You Need to Know About the All-There-Is, by Roberto Trotta

The Edge of the Sky is a small book about very big subjects. The origin of the universe and particle physics are described in simple words. Really! Author and astrophysicist Roberto Trotta took on this curious task with great success. He opens new points of view to wonders and mysteries. At the same time, he challenges us, by example, to communicate well about complex ideas.

Trotta limited himself, choosing from 1,000 most commonly used words. By inventing playful phrases, he clearly describes deep ideas with charming images. The story is voiced in the musings of a scientist as she recognizes “student-people” are different from others.

“They spend their entire life asking questions, and as soon as they have found out the answers, they start all over again with new, harder questions.”

“They love questions. And they never run out of them. The best questions for student-people begin with Why? These questions are also the hardest.”

“All these things remind us that the ‘All-There-Is’ can sometimes be more crazy than our craziest ideas.”

“But perhaps the most amazing thing about the All-There-Is is that we can understand it at all.”

We are invited to explore the story in different ways. Go with the flow. Let the simple tale lead us to dream-like worlds that stretch our imagination! Then, check the translation of precise language and appreciate the discipline and art.

For this ‘recovering physicist,’ the summary of the very leading edge of modern science is fascinating. As an artist, the imaginary voyage is exciting and harmonious. A renewed awe and wonder refreshes the spirit. Take your pick. The Edge of the Sky may inspire growth and joy as it offers “All you need to know about All-There-Is.”


The Edge of the Sky : All You Need to Know About the All-There-Is / Roberto Trotta.

New York : Basic Books, a member of the Perseus Books Group, [2014]

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